What does it mean Public History? In Italy it’s a new subject, a new challenge. An approach? A method? An aim? A movement? A vogue? A new way to practice history?

We don’t want to unveil all right away.

We were pioneers: graduates at the first edition of the first Italian Master in Public History. PopHistory was born to university classrooms, looking each other in our eyes. Uncertain eyes, afraid of the loneliness overwhelming after the courses. But also eyes full of enterprising spirit, of will to test ourselves.

As the master’s end came closer, we understood each other even if we had different backgrounds and we decided to undertake a new way after the graduation. All together.

Public History is also this: not working alone, but involving different persons, in an inter-disciplinary and enhancing work.

We are historians, teachers, sociologists, reporters, writers, librarians, anthropologists, archeologists who decided to found – in March 4, 2017 – a non profit association to have a place where people who recognize themselves in Public History for communities can find a home. Starting with the historical method, we want track down the history’s depth and foster a critical use of historical thought in order to explain the current times’ complexity, crossing boundaries and cultures.

But we don’t want to do it alone. Since we believe that, above all in the scientific sphere, a profitable and sincere sharing of knowledge is needed, we want to investigate the world with all our interlocutors, setting up/ establishing a constructive and constantly evolving reasoning. Accordingly, we intend to elaborate a fertile work of comparison and sharing on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary paths. This work will be performed through historical research of Public History, creating events, shows, movies, websites, apps, history didactics projects, consulting for private and public authorities, using all languages and technologies of our era, depending on the contexts and the contents being transmitted.